For anyone who seeks greater meaning and fulfillment in life, ISH is a spiritual source and service that provides comfort, community, education, celebration and growth rooted in Jewish wisdom. By removing barriers such as religious dogma, judgment, membership fees, rigid schedules and inconvenient locations, we allow people to curate and cultivate their own spirituality in the way that works best for them.

Being a better human being shouldn’t be inconvenient or expensive. It should be a thrilling journey – a path you pursue when the time is right for you – one that doesn’t put a price on spiritual connection. So ISH is at your disposal. We offer exciting, new ways to connect to yourself and your community – in person or online – even in the palm of your hand! And you pay as you go, with no membership fees or long-term commitments. You decide what ISH will be to you. And how ISH will enable you to create the spiritual life you seek.

Of course! We believe in unconditional love and respect. So we conduct ourselves compassionately and without judgment, supporting every human being in their pursuit of self love and self worth. By nurturing people in this way, we will foster a community of individuals who respect and care for each other without reservation.

No. ISH is something new. An innovative, truly personalized way to connect to what’s meaningful and magical in life. Without rules, judgment, rigid schedules, or burdensome expenses. A place to find connection and community. A way to celebrate what it means to be human that is uplifting, engaging and meaningful.

No memberships. We believe in an enabling, empowering and evolving spirituality. That’s why we provide new and innovative forms of connection and community so you can cultivate your own spiritual landscape, and forge a commitment to something greater than yourself. By enabling and empowering you in this way, we will benefit you, others and the world.